About usI

USI/BSI stands for Universal Surgical Instruments and Better Surgical Instrumentation.  For over 40 years USI has supported the veterinary community by providing top quality surgical instruments at low prices, attended local and national conferences and provided instruments at many wet labs. Whether you are looking for a complete pack or individual instruments, USI is the place to get your surgical instruments at unbelievable prices. We've partnered with expert craftsman to bring you top quality surgical instruments at a fraction of the cost compared to the competition. We sell direct to veterinarian and vet tech nurses to keep the price affordable. We appreciate all of the support from the veterinary community, your business allows us to continue to serve you! 


We Have You Covered

Our Promise

Besides general instrumentation, we offer specialty items for your practice including exotic vet, dental, ophthalmic, orthopedics and vet tech instruments.

We offer an unconditional 30 day guarantee on all products with a life-time guarantee on German and USI Midline instruments.  Free ground shipping within the USA on orders at $100.00+.  When you purchase with us you have peace of mind.