Autoclave instruments individually or in packs using cloth wraps or autoclavable bags.

We do not recommend using paper drape material because it can cause the instruments to stain.

Make sure each instrument is unlocked in the open position as it will affect sterility, it can also cause the instrument to crack during the heating and cooling process.


Step 1: Rinse and Clean Instruments 

Step 2: Autoclave

For cold sterilization use a soaking tray.

DO NOT place any tungsten carbide instruments in this solution as it may destroy the inserts.

Rinse and clean instruments prior to first use as well as after each use. Clean the instruments using an ultrasonic cleaning unit, automatic washer or manually. Make sure you use a neutral (pH = 7) detergent to avoid staining and corrosion.

Manual Cleaning Tips: Use a nylon brush on instruments except those with files or ridges in which a wire brush is implemented.

Check each instrument for debris, stains and make sure it is functioning properly prior to rinsing.

*If the instrument(s) are staining, use instrument stain remover during this process.

Rinse the instruments and make sure there is no debris or detergent remaining in the hinges or locks. Allow the instruments to dry completely before you autoclave them.

Once dry, spray all instruments that have moving parts with instrument milk or lube.




Instrument Care Tips